Sacred Sound & Singing Journey with Shanti of Ananda Lila

Saturday, March 3,  2018 7:30 – 9:30 pm

Let’s come together in sharing the ancient art of Bhakti yoga, the Yoga of Song, through sacred singing, chanting, and meditation. Together we will IN-joy live music to carry us into a special sound healing journey for centering and healing. And with this loving atmosphere we will create a heart-centered interactive singing. Allowing energies to open voices and expand hearts. To quiet the mind, and rest in a clearing of deep peace. To receive a feeling of freedom and renewal.

Offered as a musical journey, you will be guided by Shanti and Ananda Lila to experience:

*Healing Soundscape
*Songs of Peace and Unity
*Instruction on Kirtan Yoga of Song
*Light Blessing

This event will be facilitated by Shanti Wendy Warnimont. Shanti is a singer songwriter integrating music and meditation with sound healing and the shamanic arts. As a lover of sacred music from many traditions, Shanti’s passion is to be an open channel for catalyzing energies through the body and voice to create a deep connection to self and source. Some of Shanti’s teachers include: Yoga of Sound Master Russill Paul, Incan Shaman Alberto Villoldo, Hawaiin Shaman Serg King, Dancing Shaman Gabriel Roth, Sufi Master Adnan Sarhan, Meditation Mystic Osho, Hindustani Vocalist Rajiv Kumar Malik Rajnain. Currently Shanti is recording an album with her sacred music ensemble Ananda Lila. For more info:

$25 in advance/$30 at the door-Call 815-322-2118 to reserve your spot in advance!

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