Infrared Sauna 12-Pack

$360.00 $340.00

12 -30 minute Infrared Sauna Sessions



Product Description

12 -30 minute Infrared Sauna Sessions*

The Infrared Sauna can be booked as an independent service or as a post-massage detox session. Please feel free to bring a bathing suit if you would like to wear it during your session. There are towels and robes are provided as well.

You may need to acclimate your body to the infrared sauna if you are new to the sauna experience. We recommend spending only 15 minutes in the sauna for your first session and working your way to a longer session as your body or condition allows.

Any questions or concerns please call us at 815-322-2118

*This Package allows you 360 minutes total worth of Sauna Sessions.


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