Girl Power


There is a safe place for girls aged 12-17 to talk about teen issues.

It is called “Girl Power” a coaching group for girls at Journeys Healing & Wellness Center.

Girls aged 12-17 are invited to be a part of this coaching group on Tuesday, December 20th, from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.

At our next meeting we will talk about: “Getting Along With Difficult People”

It will include:

  • Identifying the types of people who are getting on your last nerve.
  • Talking about ways to deal with these situations.
  • Acting out scenarios that will make it real.

During this meeting girls can bring up topics of concern, and will brainstorm strategies to find solutions to their problems. The second part of the meeting, Bethany Frank, from Beauty By Bethany, will be joining us to share beauty secrets requested by the participants.

Cost: $10 per meeting, limit of 10 girls per group

If you are interested or have any questions:

E-mail Ellen at

Ask Ellen about other groups:

  • Mommy & Me : a Coaching Group for moms and daughters aged 8-11
  • Mom Power: A Coaching Group to support mom issues

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